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Educational and Historical Sites

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Accommodations

Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright

Built by famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling Water is a historical landmark the entire family can appreciate. Situated over a scenic waterfall, this home has inspired generations of artists, architects and nature lovers – located just 30 miles from Thistledown Ligonier. Click for Google Map


Flight 93 Memorial - Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Flight 93 National Memorial

The Flight 93 Memorial was built to honor the passengers and crew of Flight 93, whose sacrifice on September 11th, 2001 stopped a group terrorists from reaching their target. The memorial is a moving and memorable tribute to these brave people, and a recommended stop for anyone in the area. The Flight 93 Memorial is a national park and has several features to visit and explore. This historical sight is just a short drive from Thistledown in Ligonier and is highly recomened to any guest with an afternoon to explore. Click for Google Map


Fort Ligonier - Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Fort Ligonier

Fort Ligonier is a historic reconstructed/restored French and Indian War era fort, utilized between 1758-1766.  The Fort Ligonier site  features an exciting variety of exhibits occupying nearly 8 full acres. Open daily for tours and is the yearly sight of Fort Ligonier Days every year, drawing visitors from around the world. Fort Ligonier is located within walking distance of Thistledown Ligonier, be sure to call ahead as Fort Ligonier Days is one of the busiest weeks for our hotel. Click for Google Map


Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art - Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) is a community art museum featuring more than 4.000 works by local, regional, national and international artists. Nestled in the picturesque Pennsylvania rural area this museum is a unique and interesting stop for the art lover. A short drive from Thistledown in Ligonier we highly recommend checking it out.  Click for Google Map


Ligonier Valley Railroad Museum - Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum

The Ligonier Valley Rail Road Museum is housed in an original Ligonier Valley Rail Road station that was built around 1896. With nearly 3 years worth of renovation this museum works hard to preserve the history of the Ligonier Valley Rail Road that once carried more than 9 million passengers and 32 million tons of freight. Originally built by Judge Thomas Mellon this is a historical site with deep ties to the area and is a must see for anyone with a love of Pittsburgh history, trains or unique sites. Click for Google Map



Powdermill Nature Reserve - Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Powdermill Nature Reserve

Powdermill Nature Reserve is the environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History and has been functioning for more than 50 years. Powdermill Nature Reserve offers a number of educational programs for both children and adults and is an active and functioning research center for scientific studies. This is a unique opportunity to see the natural sciences at work at an excellent facility with a long standing history. Powdermill Nature Reserve is just a short drive from Thistledown in Ligonier, and a awesome addition to any sight seeing trip in the area. Click for Google Map


Compass Inn Museum- Near Thistledown Ligonier - Latrobe PA Hotel

Compass Inn Museum

The Compass Inn Museum is a unique and informative entertainment option for visitors to the Ligonier area. Tours are offered by costumed docents who tell the story of transportation and everyday life in the early 1800s. The tours offered are great for all age groups, everyone is bound to find something to learn and enjoy. The Compass Inn is furnished and decorated with period pieces and is incredibly unique look into the world of the 1820s.  Thistledown at Ligonier is just a short drive from this historic sight, and makes a great educational stop before heading to the other family friendly entertainment in the area. Click for Google Map